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David Beckham's MLS Miami Stadium Expected to Cost $220M

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An old rendering of the failed stadium proposal at PortMiami via Visualhouse and Arquitectonica

Details are finally being released regarding David Beckham's proposed stadium plans in Overtown that would house Miami's MLS expansion team. Although nothing has been finalized, the stadium is expected to cost around $220 million, a number confirmed by Miami Beckham United's Timonthy J. Leiweke during a meeting Thursday evening. Renderings have yet to be released and the image below via Channel 10's Will Manso shows just what the stadium will look like on the property.

Other details:

- They have yet to pick a developer.
- The stadium will have a partial roof, covering the seats.
- Capacity will be 25,000.
- It will be LEED certified.
- It will be built without parking garages with focus being on mass transit. The group says there are around 7,000 spaces already in the area.

Reaction: That last detail is frightening. Not only is the proposed site in not the safest of areas but Miami public transit isn't exactly dependable. The metro station at Culmer is three blocks away, however.

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Beckham United's Overtown Site

650 Northwest 8th Street, Miami, Florida