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Miami Beach is 'Expeditiously' Moving Forward With Light Rail Public Transportation System

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A previous rendering of Bay Link, via Metropolitan Planning Organization

After years of talk, the City of Miami Beach appears to be moving forward with a proposed light rail/wireless streetcar system. It would provide mass transit up and down South Beach and, more importantly, ideally allow for convenient public transportation from Miami Beach to Downtown Miami (and vice-versa) via the MacArthur Causeway. Hallelujah! Proceed to bang your pots and pans.

Completed map of the project courtesy of the City of Miami Beach

"I am happy to report that after years of discussions, we have finally taken the beginning steps of making our dream of providing better public transportation closer to becoming a reality," Miami Beach Mayor Phillip Levine said in a press release this morning. "Last week, the Miami Beach Commission and I authorized the City to move ahead expeditiously to develop a light rail/wireless streetcar system that will allow residents, visitors, and business owners to move around our City a lot more efficiently and reduce the amount of cars on our roads. Eventually, this project is expected to connect the City of Miami Beach to the City of Miami so commuting between the two will be safer, faster, and more convenient.

"The initial phase of the project will consist of a 2-way connection on 5th Street and Washington Avenue, and is referred to as the 'South Beach Component.' The second phase is expected to take place along Alton Road and 17th Street, complementing the cross-bay route to Downtown Miami. Future contemplated phases are expected to include a route along the Julia Tuttle Causeway connecting Miami Beach with Midtown Miami and eventually the airport."

The plan is in its initial stages as they complete "all the environmental analysis required" but if done correctly, could be a game-changer and our first quality and dependable public transportation system connecting Miami Beach and Downtown Miami.