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Tommy Hilfiger's Raleigh Hotel to Become a Private Club

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via Raleigh Hotel

The Raleigh Hotel isn't just on the cusp of major renovations but is also changing its course, shifting from a popular South Beach hotel to a private club, learns Page Six. Although Tommy Hilfiger is not planning to sell the hotel he purchased for $56.5 million in 2014, he says he did consider it.

Hilfiger made the deal during an Art Basel dinner, via Page Six:

"We've had numerous people approach us asking us to sell it. Other hoteliers wanted to buy it within a week of [my] purchase," Hilfiger told me. "I considered it for a moment." But Hilfiger is going ahead with his original plan. The hotel's 80-plus rooms are fully booked through April 30. In May, he'll close it for 18 months of renovations, "bringing it up to its original glory, and keeping its DNA and its heritage intact."

Receiving inspiration from Soho House, he plans to open Raleigh clubs in New York, Los Angeles and London. Will those wild pool parties be no more than a memory?

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