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South Beach is the Planet's Third Priciest NYE Destination

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The Magic City is home to the world's third most expensive New Years Eve destination, according to a recent study by Crashing on South Beach as we launch towards 2016 is anything but cheap, with many last-minute options at premier establishments hovering in the $1,000-per-night range. The study concluded the average night's fare to be $286, which honestly sounds kind of low. Only hotels with reviews of three stars or greater were considered.
No. 1 is Cancun and No. 2 is Dubai.

The highest priced room available on on South Beach is at the 1 Hotel on 23rd and Collins, which is asking for a surreal $2,200 for one night. One night! Procrastinators itching to stay on the beach should check out Airbnb, where you'll find some quality options for under $200.


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