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Miami Public Transit Mysteriously Ranks Top 10 in Nation

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The Miami Metrorail

Ask any Miamian what some of the bigger issues are in this lovely winterless city, and many will point to a frustrating and limited public-transportation system.

As Brickell and Downtown Miami get more Manhattanized, traffic is only going to get worse. The bus system isn't ideal and the Miami Metrorail and mover are highly inefficient. Your best bet when traveling to and from South Beach is Uber or Lyft. Yet Redfin regards Miami as a Top-10 city in public transit, according to a recent study, with New York, San Francisco, and Boston taking the top three spots, in that order.

Miami ranked No. 7 among cities with populations of 300,000 or greater. Below are the Top 10, according to Transit Score:

1 New York, NY 84.1
2 San Francisco, CA 80.4
3 Boston, MA 74.4
4 Washington, DC 70.6
5 Philadelphia, PA 66.8
6 Chicago, IL 64.7
7 Miami, FL 59.4
8 Baltimore, MD 57.8
9 Minneapolis, MN 57.5
10 Seattle, WA 57.0

Transit Score is calculated as follows: "The Transit Score algorithm calculates a score by summing the relative usefulness of public transit (bus, subway, light rail, ferry, etc.) routes near a given location. Usefulness is defined as the distance to the nearest stop on the route, the frequency of the route, and type of route (with twice as much weight given to heavy/light rail than to bus service)."

· New York Ranks Best City for Public Transit in 2016 [Redfin]