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Curbed Cup Final: (9) Coconut Grove vs. (14) Sunset Harbour

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Instagram: Coconut Grove via @__eatprayrun/Sunset Harbour via @enrique_acevedo

Coconut Grove continues to carry clout, casting aside No. 2-seed Downtown Miami rather easily in the semifinal. As Miami's oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood, it features a clientele of various ages, from students at the U invading their bars on Thursday nights - looking at you, Mr. Moe's - to their plethora of art shows throughout the year attracting all sorts of folks from across South Florida. Monty's remains one of the better spots to take visiting friends from out of town. High-end condos continue to sprout. Cinépolis in CocoWalk is unquestionably one of the better movie theaters in Miami, with their reserved seating and addition of beer and wine. The Grove also offers extravagant homes built with character, like Mediterranean mammoth La Brisa, which hit the market at a whopping $47.5 million.

Sunset Harbour has the chance to become the first two-time champion in Miami Curbed Cup history after winning it all in 2013. The area features two restaurants - Pubbelly and Lucali - in Eater's 2015 list of Miami's 38 best restaurants. South Beach's cute neighbor has experienced a tough year, with city construction projects overtaking the area. Sunset Harbour's most redeeming quality is its walkability, from solid restaurants (Lucali, Pubbelly, Icebox, etc) to bars (Purdy Lounge) coffee shops (Panther) to grocery shopping (Publix, Fresh Market) and fitness (Green Monkey, Flywheel). Its limited supply of living options has created massive demand and lofty prices, with one-bedroom units at 1800 and 1900 Sunset Harbour Drive starting at around $3,000 a month.

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