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Pastel, Pizzazy '80s Pad Has a Bananas Bathroom, for $2.7M

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"With the love of the arts in mind" is how the brokerbabble describes this $2.7 million pastel postmodernist playland of a house that looks like it's been stuck in a 1980s vortex of jocular parties and Miami Vice reruns since it was renovated in 1992. (yes, the early nineties, but the sixties really lasted well into the seventies, and the seventies kept on keeping on clear into the eighties, so this would make sense...) All this fabulousness, including the abstract furniture in oversaturated tones, the the purple faux finish walls, the abstract starry ceiling, the technicolor mirrored bathroom, the octopus throw pillow, the Big Bird-sized flamingo stuffed animal butler, and the Crayola crayon bar, hides a possible dark side. The house was built in 1947, which means an early midcentury house that may or may not have had significant architectural merit (at this point it's kind of hard to tell) was turned into this when the '80s called.

· 129 Nurmi Drive [Redfin]