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Enrique Iglesias' Former Sunset Island I House Lists for $25M

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The home on Sunset Island 1 that latin singing guy/total sexpot Enrique Iglesias used to call home is on the market for a whopping $24.95 million. Built in 1937, it was purchased from Iglesias in 2004 by its current owner Marco Puleo, who owns 1800 Pet Meds, because apparently you can make a killing selling mail order Frontline. The 6,700 square foot waterfront home has features like a home theater, rooftop jacuzzi, and a dock with seriously nightclub-appropriate lighting. Mr. Puleo is selling it fully furnished. Oh, and it might be worth mentioning that broker says it's named Villa Jasmine. Whether that's an historically accurate name, or Puleo named it after his dog, is anyone's guess. Anyways, why worry about the name right now when it's so much easier to imagine Iglesias up on the roof, soaking au natural, with his sexiest "Tonight I'm F**kin' You" face on. Ay papi!

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