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Sunny Isles Ritz Reveals Nude Beach-Facing Floorplans

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Here's a new definition of Curbed's classic rubric 'Floorplan Porn' for you. The just-released floor plans for the new Ritz Carlton Residences Sunny Isles Beach look practically designed to give anybody equipped with a pair of opera glasses an absolute eyeful. The building is angled sort of diagonally to the southwest, which is a fairly common method of ensuring that all of the ocean-view units get lots and lots of sunlight, but also of course gives a front row view of the action at the popular Haulover Park Nude Beach, which is merely one building to the south. Oh, and the northern part of Haulover Nude Beach, the end of the beach closest to the Ritz, is the gay end. Curbed won't be at all surprised if the Ritz sees a smattering of high profile sales to supposedly heterosexual 'confirmed bachelors.' Would you?

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