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South Beach's New Hyatt Centric Hotel Opens in April

The new Kobi Karp-designed Hyatt Centric South Beach coming to South Beach is well on its way to completion, even going so far as announcing an opening month along with the bigger announcement that the 105 room hotel will be one of the first Hyatt Centrics. What's a Hyatt Centric? It's a "Hyatt for millennials" says HotelChatter. The hotel's most interesting space is its main lobby on the third floor, formerly the roof of an historic structure that the new building was built around. Sort of emphasizing the urbanity of the hotel's location, it's an indoor-outdoor space with a bar that opens up with huge retractable glass doors. Beyond these doors, the pool is perched at the corner of the structure. Other notable spaces include the 'Library Lounge', and a large restaurant that takes up the ground floor called 'Deck 16.'

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