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Umm, a Ross is Coming to a Prime Lincoln Road Location

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Did you know that Lincoln Road used to have a Saks Fifth Avenue? Until the 1950s, the current three-level Forever 21 Store was the very same Saks that would later relocate to Bal Harbour Shops. Along with other high end stores, Lincoln Road was a seriously luxurious shopping destination, and now it's getting... shudders... a Ross Dress for Less. Curbed reader Phillip Pessar noticed that a Ross "coming soon" sign has gone up on the facade of the former Carib Theater space, which is in the midst of a remodeling job to look like this. Admittedly this block, just east of where the pedestrian portion of Lincoln Road ends, is one of the road's dumpiest. However, the location is primo, primo. The oceanfront hotels are less than block away in the opposite direction. The Ritz-Carlton is like a hundred feet away. Now, of course, there's nothing wrong with Ross. But here? Where all the tourists will see it? Really??

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