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'Opulent' 7 Bedroom Key Biscayne PH Wants $4.5 Million

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This 6,000 square foot, seven bedroom, 'opulent' as hell two-level penthouse in Key Biscayne reads as an encyclopedia of the life of an eclectic 20th century adventurer. Each room is decorated in its own distinct style, from classy French garden in the living room, to sort of another gardeny area in one of the guest bedrooms, to African or South Asian Safari in the office (complete with elephant tusks), to Mykonos in another bedroom, to full-on Japanese teahouse in yet another bedroom, more garden in the dining room, and yet another living room seems to be gunning for that French Riviera-in-the-1980s motif. Or is it the 1960s? Anywho... dahhhhhlings, this place is fab. And it can be yours for $4.5 million.

UPDATE: A commenter points out that the listing is not in Golden Beach, but actually in one of the first buildings built on Key Biscayne in 1961, a co-op called Island House.

· 200 Ocean Lane Drive, Penthouse 2 [Redfin]