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No Surprise, SkyRise Miami Offering 'Branding Opportunities'

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SkyRise Miami, the giant 'money clip'-shaped observation tower that developer Jeff Berkowitz is besmirching bestowing on our fair city, could be named, well... anything. According to advertising materials obtained by The Next Miami, Berkowitz is looking for sponsors for the structure. That could include branding the entire thing, or "allowing sponsors to place signage throughout the property, among other opportunities up for sale."

Although INSERTYOURNAMEHERE SkyRise Miami is already 'under construction', Berkowitz is looking for money practically everywhere for the giant thing that's estimated to cost a whopping $430 million, including EB-5 funding, and funding from the county (which he got, but it's not going well). If built (ha!) the 1,000 foot tall INSERTYOURNAMEHERE SkyRise Miami will have observation decks on multiple levels, and various rides known as the 'INSERTYOURNAMEHERE SkyPlunge', the 'INSERTYOURNAMEHERE SkyDrop', and of course the 'INSERTYOURNAMEHERE Flying Theater.' Lots of renderings of each of these attractions are after the jump.

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