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Where do You Think David Beckham Should Build His Stadium?

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It's one of the biggest unanswered questions facing South Florida today. No, not historic preservation, unsnarling our traffic mess, mass transit, or even sea level rise. It's David Beckham's soccer stadium. Becks has spent more than a year hunting for a location in Miami for a purpose-built soccer stadium. New rumors and proposals have popped up lately, but so far it's all just talk. So, where do you think David Beckham's soccer stadium should go? Leave your suggestions in the comments, or email them in here. Keep in mind the basic criteria: a north/south field orientation (so the sun never gets in goalies eyes), something in the neighborhood of ten acres (minimum), proximity to the urban core, and good transit links. Team Beckham's camp are avid readers of Curbed Miami and will be keeping close tabs on reader suggestions. Go!
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