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LeBron James' $17 Million Grove House is Still Available

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We haven't heard about it much lately, so here's a quick update. Just over four months after the abdicated King of Miami basketball LeBron James put his castle on the market, signaling that, yes, he was giving up Miami for good, the $17 million house still there. Not that that's all that surprising. It's only been four months. But then again the total absence of this house from headlines since then might also say something. James' house comes with a "sommelier's dream wine cellar", a fancy kitchen, dockage space for two 60-foot yachts, a big wall around it, an infinity pool with a rather bold lighting scheme, 16,768 square feet of living space, 4500 square feet of entertainment space, six bedrooms, and 6.5 baths, an infinity pool, ceilings high enough for a basketball player, and some gorgeous listing photos.

In other LeBron news, he apparently keeps coming back to Miami.

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