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Miami Wants to Annex 1,600 Acres of Highly Taxable Land

The City of Miami has commenced, feasibility study in hand, to begin the process of annexing a few primarily commercial and industrial neighborhoods in the proximity of Miami International Airport and the Miami River that are home to dozens of multinational companies, and their taxes. Only about 11,000 people live in the approximately 1,600 acres, but big business is the real attraction here. Toyota, Burger King, FedEx, and other multinational companies that have corporate headquarters in the Blue Lagoon, Palmer Lake, Melrose Park, and Waterford areas would get Miami's public services and amenities, more comprehensive zoning, and planning oversight, while city coffers would be reinforced with the returns of a $1.33 billion taxable base, just ripe for the harvesting.
· City of Miami May Attempt to Annex Land Near Miami River, MIA [Herald]