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Billy Joel Buys Three Manalapan Properties for $40 Million

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Billy Joel "has just agreed" to buy a huge Manalapan estate which Curbed featured on its 25 Most Expensive South Florida Listings map for a whopping $22 million, adding it to two neighboring properties which he purchased last year, creating an eight acre compound that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Worth and which cost him $40 million.

[1960 S. Ocean Boulevard]

GossipExtra reports that, although the deal "hasn't been made official yet" Joel has signed a contract for 1960 S. Ocean Boulevard, to add to 1920 S. Ocean Boulevard and 1940 S. Ocean Boulevard, both of which Joel owns through an LLC. 1960 is a massive 23,000 square foot house with seven bedrooms, 13 baths, and a garage for 30 cars. It has four stories, and a secure tunnel under A1A that provides access to the ocean. 1940 is an empty lot, while 1920 is also a big luxurious house that clocks in at 13,000 square feet. It may or may not have a tunnel too.

[1920 S. Ocean Boulevard]

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