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Little River's Magic City Farm, a Jungly Oasis of Tiny Bungalows

"One of those serene, hidden havens that somehow survive the implacable march of development in Miami" is how Andres Viglucci of the Miami Herald describes Magic City Farm. The little oasis on the Little River is "a botanical garden, an Ark, a time capsule, a work of art." Set within lush vegetation, Magic City Farm contains a farmhouse from 1918, a converted boathouse, and six tiny cabins salvaged from a nearby 1920s tourist motor camp, and is frequently used for everything from photo shoots to AirBnB rentals. The cabins have been beautifully restored, serving as rustic rentals, their inside walls stripped of paint and rubbed with wax, creating an interesting effect. Notably listed for sale a few years ago by its owner and creator, Tamara Hendershot, an event that captured some media attention, Ms. Hendershot appears to have taken it off the market in October.

UPDATE: Curbed hears from a friend in the know that Ms. Hendershot sold Magic City Farm and has moved to the nearby neighborhood of Shorecrest.

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