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Nike Store With Rooftop B-Ball Court Proposed for Lincoln Rd.

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Nike has jumped on the bandwagon with Lincoln Road's other big flagship retail stores (see here, here, and here, etc.) and is proposing a seriously jumbo-sized 31,500 square foot mother for itself on the current site of Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma at the corner of Lincoln and Lenox Avenue. Designed by Touzet Studio, the Nike Store would have two full levels of retail, with ceilings that are about 17 feet high, and a rooftop sports deck that includes a basketball court and jogging track. Including a third level giving access to the sports deck, the total height to the top of the highest parapet would be 51 feet. That's taller than the Gap Store down the block, which Touzet Studio also designed. Nike wants to sheet the big, glassy facade in a mesh-like skin with multicolored LED lights, which is something they do at a lot of their stores. The effect might be sort of look like a rounded, sleeker version of the New World Symphony's garage just off Lincoln Road at its other end, and completely unlike what's there now.

Built in 1999, the current building is a close duplicate of the original building on the site, a Moorish Revival retail showroom originally called the McAllister Building (later the Sender Building). It was 'modernized' in 1938, when its Moorish details were covered over for a rather bland streamlined look. During a restoration begun in 1998, the structure was declared unsafe and demolished, instigating the construction of the duplicate which looked much like the original (with the addition of a dome). The Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board will hear the proposal at their Tuesday March 10th meeting, and Hopefully somebody will point out that LED-lit mesh really isn't a good look for Lincoln Road.

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