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Miami's Smallest Listings Are 200 Sq. Ft. Beachside Hideaways

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Miami isn't really known as a place where people live small, and yet some do, particularly in Miami Beach. Enter the five smallest listings on the market, all of which are itty-bitty studios in itty-bitty art deco buildings near the beach. And most have pools. Not too bad, considering New York City's tiniest listings are probably holes-under-the-stairs in Queens (actually, NY's offerings don't look that bad). Unfortunately most of them seem to clock in around a whopping $1,000 a square foot (New York prices, anyone?), which kind of sucks. But then again, you can walk to the beach. We removed cabanas and dockominiums, some of which are actually smaller, from the list.

We begin our tour with this 200 square foot unit at the Mantell Plaza, just off South Beach, which comes "fully" furnished with a murphy bed, little couch, and a little dresser, and that's that's all the furniture it takes to fully fill up this place. Listed for $185,000, it also has a cute blue bathroom that looks original to the building.

Apartment 302, at 335 Ocean Drive also clocks in at 200 square feet, but this one is appointed, with a few pieces of Ikea furniture and a sliding glass door into the bathroom to save space. Located on Ocean Drive, South-of-Fifth, it's also in the heart of South Beach, and priced to match at $200,000. That's a thousand dollars a square foot.

A converted hotel room (likely the deal with the first two units above as well) this unit at the Ocean Spray Hotel, a few blocks away from the Fontainebleau, clocks in at 211 square feet and is priced at a more affordable $149,000. Of course, with a frumpy bed and that corner desk thing by the window, it doesn't look like much converting was actually done. Does it even have a kitchen? No, it doesn't look like it has a kitchen. On the plus side, it has a water view and is a block away from the ocean. How fancy!

This one is positively cavernous. Ok, no, it isn't cavernous at all. But it does show how with even a smidgeon planning and thought put into it, one can eek out a little bit more usability in 230 square feet. The apartment comes with a microwave, a two-burner cooktop, a sink big enough to wash one plate at a time, and even a teeny tiny dishwasher. Plus it's in an ultra sexy art deco building. Apartment 317 at 3025 Indian Creek Drive is $120,000.

Yet another tiny little place in an old art deco hotel with a pool and very close access to the beach, this one clocks in at 230 square feet and $139,000.

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