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Dacra's Design District Could Expand to Old Church Site

Craig Robins is looking to expand the development area of his mixed-use Design District project to include a 1.9 acre block which he bought from an old church at 222 NE 43rd Street. It's not totally clear in the SFBJ report if that block includes the church itself or just the properties behind it, but it seems more than likely that it's whole block. If the city allows Robins to incorporate the church land into the District's Special Area Plan, Robins plans to build 124 residential units on the site. The church itself is pretty but has a rather unexceptional design from the 60s or 70s, except for the bell tower. With its steeple made completely out of wrought iron, the bell tower is gorgeous. Hopefully he can build around that.

UPDATE: We spoke with Craig Robins, who says that DACRA is not acquiring the property and not part of the project. He also says that "Under very specific terms and conditions we allowed them to join our SAP."
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