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A Treehouse & Six Other Little Places to Rent on AirBnB

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AirBnB, the 'start your own Bed and Breakfast anywhere' website (breakfast optional) has some fun tiny places you can rent for usually quite a bargain around Miami. Perfect for Micro Week. We start our fun-sized tour with this awesome treehouse on a farm in Little Haiti. No, not the totally awesome Magic City Farm. Another farm. In the middle of Miami. The Earth 'N' Us Farm to be precise. Anywho, on the top level of the three-level tree house it comes with a double bed with mosquito netting and a wooden plank that fits a twin bed (which they presumably have in storage somewhere, but that twin bed is only available in the winter months because it rains. The tree house doesn't have air conditioning, and an outhouse with plumbing comes with an outside (but private!) shower. It rents for $65 a night.

This lovely little Coconut Grove cottage has a living room, bedroom, bath, little kitchen, little deck, and lush grove jungly surroundings. It's $150 a night.

In South Beach, a.k.a. the "short term rental city", this designed-up little place has a little living room and a little bedroom, and stripy gold wallpaper. It's $89 a night.

Another cute little South Beach place, this one is a studio and wants $115 a night.

Studio South Beach. $99 a night.

In Morningside, you can get an entire "garden suite", which is basically a one-room guest apartment behind someone else's house, that comes decorated up to the gills with reclaimed wood (The fancy kind, not the "hey look what's in that garbage pile!" kind) and pictures of sitting Buddhas for the same price as a South Beach studio. This one is $100 a night. It comes with an outdoor patio area and a relatively private entrance.

In to the cottage thing? Here's another one, in the Design District with pool access, for $120.

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