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Miami Beach's New Lifeguard Stands Will Be Tiny Follies

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Miami Beach is replacing its iconic lifeguard stands, zany and whimisical architectural confections that resemble everything from tiny art deco hotels to Jetsononian fantasies, with new models designed by the architect of the originals, Bill Lane. The old wooden structures, weathered and beaten by hurricanes, and the daily onslaught of salty, moist sea air, are showing their age, and are by their very nature temporary anyways. Others were since replaced with mediocre box structures, merely painted bright colors. These will also be replaced.

Miami Beach's lifeguard stands are extremely famous, appearing against the South Beach surf in countless photos, movies, etc. When the first six were installed in the reconstruction after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, they instantly became landmarks of the revived South Beach, which was staging its own comeback.. This is the era of Versace's oceanfront pleasure palace, the art deco revival, and South Beach clubland.

The new towers, a set of six, are being designed by Lane. Two are revamped versions of the original Duck and Jetsons' designs, while the other four are entirely new: the Punk, the Airstream Diner Trailer, the Ducktail Greaser, and the Sci-Fi Earth Cabana. The city is considering auctioning off the old stands. The City approved the refurbishment in November, with plans to have them ready by the centennial celebration, which is imminent.

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