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Star Island House Could be Moved and Partially Preserved

It would seem that Lennar CEO Stuart Miller has at least partially reformed from his stance as the guy that wants to demolish the historic and strikingly beautiful 22 Star Island so he can build a megamansion that looks like a space age orgasm, reports the Miami Herald. Miller instead intends to move the 7,000 square foot Mediterranean Revival house to the other side of his lot to make room for the new house, which clocks in at 22,000 square feet. So, this would be a big win for preservation, right? Not so fast.

22 Star Island Drive was originally connected to the property next door, Number 46 Star Island Drive (this is probably why the house numbers quixotically skip from 22, to 46, then 21, as one rounds the island). The two houses were originally one structure known as the Star Island Yacht Club and, even though 46 has had notable alterations over the years, both still stand. If someone very wealthy wanted a very large, historic house with very grand rooms, they could be recombined and restored. As soon as you move 22 Star, that dream is dead. 22 Star, as well as 44 Star, a.k.a. that house that could be replaced by the Star Destroyer, will be considered by the Miami Beach Design Review Board on Tuesday.

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