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Inside a 90-Square-Foot Apartment; Most Expensive Studios

All the latest from Curbed NY...

1) West Village: In celebration of Micro Week, we toured a 90-square-foot apartment, which, amazingly, looks more or less livable. The key, the tenant says, is limiting her possessions: "My boyfriend tried to give me a book last week, and I said, 'No, there is no place for this.'" On the plus side, it's in the West Village and she only pays $775/month.

2) Chelsea: Even though it's more than twice the size of the last place, this 200-square-foot studio forces its owner to be incredibly conscientious about what he owns. It's a bit like losing weight," he explains. "The initial push is one thing, but it's the maintenance that can kill you."

3) The Internet: From small and cute apartments, we move now to small and horrifying apartments. Here's the worst of what's currently listed in New York City on Craigslist. They're not cheap, either.

4) Manhattan: And finally, the ten most outrageously expensive studio apartments on the market in New York. Would you believe that a 532-square-foot apartment would cost over $2 million? Start believing.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]