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101 Gay Weddings; The Webster Expands Beyond Miami

1) South Beach: If you've just gotten out of your food coma from South Beach Wine and Food Festival, we're inducing you once more. Here are the couples at Chef Art Smith's 101 Gay Weddings, because Guy Fieri's suit was not all that.

2) South Beach: After 15 years, Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma are closing on Lincoln Road, to make way for a three story Nike store and rooftop basketball court and running track, potentially. The sale is dismal so far.

3) North Miami Beach: Flywheel has infiltrated the mainland, in Miami's next hot fitness area, North Miami Beach. Here's your first look inside the studio.

4) South Beach: Miami's luxury retail baby, The Webster, is opening its first store outside of Miami, in Houston.
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