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Morningside's Rufus Nims-Designed Jetsons House is $2.2M

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The midcentury modern house known by its neighbors in Morningside as the Jetsons House because of its elevated design and its sleek, futuristic lines, is on the market for $2.2 million. Designed by Rufus Nims, one of Miami's most significant architects of the midcentury era, the house is in a great neighborhood, practically screams midcentury high swank, and oozes potential, but for that amount of cash it comes with surprisingly little else. It's small, at 2,252 square feet, needs work, and exists in the unhistoric and slightly less desirable southern reaches of historic Morningside. And of course the bad listing photos and very brief brokerbabble description aren't exactly helping.

· 5261 NE 5th Avenue [Redfin]