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Could David Beckham's Soccer Stadium Go By The Airport?

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With much encouragement on the part of the county commission and commissioner Xavier Suarez, David Beckham my be considering building his stadium on one of two spots in central Dade County, according to the Miami New Times: the site of the old Bertram Yachts boatyard near Miami International Airport, and next to Marlins Park. Both, of course, are much less glamorous than the sites Beckham had originally eyeballed, but both have distinct potential. The site near MIA has access to the brand new Miami Intermodal Center transit hub and the airport, is on the water (in this case the industrial Miami River), and could easily be linked to land where a hotel could be built. The Marlins Park site could create a nice sports complex with the adjacent baseball stadium. That site's "spiritual taint", as Miami Beckham United investor Simon Fuller called it when he wrote off Marlins Park originally, might not be such a bid deal after all.
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Miami Intermodal Center

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