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Expressionistic Doral Church Design Has Been Totally Nixed

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When designs by Mexican architect Fernando Romero for the new Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Doral were revealed, architecture blogs swooned and Curbed ran a big feature with all the plans, renderings, and presentation drawings. The entire structure was a billowing, sculptural form with a sanctuary that dramatically swept up to a towering shaft of light. Ripples in the concrete shell held statues of each of the Latin American Virgins along an ambulatory that encircled the central-plan sanctuary, with the altar under a floating crucifix in the middle.

The design was intense, and fantastic, and now it's apparently not happening. According to the church's homepage (under 'Future home of Our Lady of Guadalupe'), the parish is moving forward on a completely different design by another architect that's much more restrained, and frankly extremely boxy, with additional chapels and accessory church spaces and outbuildings of various functions.

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