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Billionaire Still Wants to 'Give Back' to MIA with Huge Flagpole

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Mike Fernandez is back, people, with his plans to erect a massive American Flag in Museum Park out of gratitude for all this country and city have done for him, even though the city didn't seem to show much gratitude back when he first proposed the idea. The 'Flag of Gratitude' would be on a 425 feet tall, 14-foot diameter pole, and the project would cost Fernandez about $10 million.

Fernandez had dropped the idea in October after becoming disgusted with "dirty" and "petty" politics at the City of Miami and, more specifically, alleged shakedowns by unnamed City of Miami officials. "Someone said to me, 'if you hire someone I know, that can make it easier.' To me, that's plain dirty politics. Others said, 'if you could help me politically I can support you.' To me, that's blackmail and illegal. I'm just floored as to how the game is played." Fernandez told the Miami Herald at the time. Fast forward to last week, when Fernandez's attorney wrote to a City of Miami attorney saying they wanted to resume the idea. When the city's attorney replied with surprise, Fernandez himself replied "Was there any formal communication indicating I wanted to drop the matter?"
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Museum Park

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida