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Always Fabulous: 27 Old Postcards of Miami & Miami Beach

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Whatever the architecture blogs think, Miami did not discover great architecture just in the last ten to twenty years. We may not have always had Rem Koolhaas (although Rem's been connected to this town longer than you'd think), but we've always had beautiful environments, and outstanding buildings. Just look at these postcards of Miami and Miami Beach though the decades, from the Wolfsonian Museum's archives. They're all about architecture and edenic landscapes, be it Art Deco, the neoclassical Beaux Arts, or Mediterranean Revival. They also show a healthy zest for the good life, which Miami has always had in spades.

· Wolfsonian-FIU []

The Delano Hotel

1685 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Berkeley Shore Hotel

1610 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida

Dyer Courthouse

300 NE First Ave., Miami, FL