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Two Slim Towers, with Sky Bridge, Coming to Miami River

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A developer is proposing two 60-story residential towers with 406 residential units, 30,000 square feet of commercial space, 520 parking spaces, and 20 lodging units (which are?) on an empty Miami River-fronting site where a single tower had been previously planned. The as-yet-unnamed project would fill in the grassy void next to the Ivy, Wind, and Mint buildings, which means, of course, it should have a name that has nothing to do with the other three. Curbed suggests Mr. Snuffleupagus, although 'Water' might be more apt.

The two towers will be connected by a five-story podium that will have a large waterfall flowing over its side from a landscaped amenity deck. We haven't seen the plans, but if the waterfall is a way to get around the skinning of the garage with activated space, then that is genius. Below the waterfall, there will be "an extra wide and lushly landscaped portion [of the Miami Riverwalk] in front of the proposed dual towers." At the top, the towers will again be connected by a bridge, with what appears to be a second amenity deck.
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