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$2.25M Ritz-Carlton Condo Left in Rock Polisher Too Long

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This 4,000 square foot open-plan perch on the 18th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Coconut Grove, listed for $2.25 million, has been on the market for 130 days. Or maybe that's how long it's been getting polished to a smooth pebbly, sheen in some giant kid's rock polisher. The unit appears to have been designed without the use of straight, flat walls, any color except white, blonde wood, and a little orange in one of the bathrooms, and any materials other than glass, blonde wood (again), some kind of stone flooring, and plaster. The result, while attempting to be that sort of zen late-60s modernism that looks so good in movies about glamorous international super spies and utopian not-too-distant futures, instead looks more like the cafeteria of a very fancy private hospital, plush rehab facility, or... the soft white inside of a green coconut.

· 3400 SW 27th Avenue [One Sotheby's International]