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Star (Island) Destroyer House is Back, With Happy Landscaping

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Well, folks, it looks like Curbed Miami's announcement of 'Star Destroyer Down' was used about as over-optimistically as the second Bush Administration's 'Mission Accomplished', but at least we didn't take over an aircraft carrier and hire a stunt-double President (Sorry, but dubya did not land that plane himself. Or was he in the backseat? Ugh, can somebody check?).

The Star Destroyer look-alike house is back on Star Island. Also contrary to our previous reports, the design architect is actually Ricardo Bofill, not Beilinson Gomez, the architects of record. Sorry Bey. And at just over 21,000 square feet according to the plans, the design itself is only a few thousand square feet smaller than first proposed, although from the renderings you'd never tell. The building is exactly the same size. The listed square footage has gone down a bit due to an error in calculation the first time around. And it's covered in a cornucopia of landscaping, combining all the aesthetics of an Easter egg hunt, May Day (the private school variety with a may pole, not the worker's revolution day) and a Stalinist blimp mooring platform. The 'green' roof looks like less of a real effort for sustainability than the realization that they could build a second back yard up there. The solar panels are a nice frill.

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