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More Renderings Appear of Isay Weinfeld's New Shore Club

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Four new renderings of the redesigned Shore Club, including the exterior, the tower, and the rear pool areas, have come out on SFBJ, which announced that ADD Inc. is the architect, complete with self-congratulating quotes all about the firm's vision that read just like a press release, and making gullible ol' SFBJ believe they are the designers of the project, which is, well, not true. At least mostly not true.

When a Design Architect is involved, which in the case of the Shore Club is Isay Weinfeld, the Architect of Record, which would be ADD Inc., doesn't have a vision. Nor are they really designing the project, in the true sense. Quite essential, however, in the design and construction process, they're paid to do all the stuff involved in executing the Design Architect's vision, like drawing up the plans, handling the local zoning codes, and supervising construction. They're often required when you have an out-of-tower for the Design Architect, and they can also be a cost savings. They also like to pretend they designed the project too.

The renderings themselves show a slightly less boxy tower tweaked from the first design iteration, which Curbed dropped, a lobby that doesn't appear to have changed that much from what is there right now except for new furniture, a building by the pool that could be new but is probably just an updating to the current low-slung cabana guest room wing that's on the south side of the property, and a gigantic pool that basically takes up the outdoor area, which looks like a cool space but is also quite depressing because it means the current exotic oasis-like grounds of the Shore Club will just be ripped off like an old band-aid. Of course these renderings were not approved for release by the Design Architect (we checked with the Shore Club's publicist) so none of that officially means anything, but it is a look at what could be coming to the property.
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