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Planned River Village Tower(s) Designed by Raphael Viñoly

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The one or two towers (depending on what you think of the bridge linking the tops) planned for the spot on the Miami River between the Ivy, Wind, and Mint towers is (are?) being designed by starchitect Raphael Viñoly, says The Next Miami. The Next Miami also does not appear to be a fan of Viñoly's work. Curbed thinks he's ok. He designed that tower in London that melted some British dude's Jaguar.

The Viñoly project is the first of a three phase (three tower?) megaproject called River Village that's planned for that big empty lot on the river and the other big empty lots on the other side of Ivy, Wind, and Mint. That first 60-story tower will be all condos above retail, restaurants, and some sort of "interactive components." The second phase will be 50 stories with a 150 room hotel below 300 'branded' condos. The third phase will be apartments. Phases two and three are going on the lots outlined in red in the image below.

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