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Gloria & Emilio Estefan List 'Nena's Villa' Rental Property for Wayyy Too Much Money

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Long-time Star Island residents, the Estefans are listing one of their Star Island properties for $40 million. No, not their two-house main compound on two acres of land with easterly views over the bay, but the 1.34 acre, MacArthur Causeway-facing lot with its 4,700 square foot main house and 2,600 square foot guest house, both of which they were using as income-generating rental properties collectively called Nena's Villa. (you could rent them separately or together, for a whopping $75,000). Listed by the Jills, the property is obviously hugely overpriced, particularly considering a far more attractive house (way larger, brand new, more pools, not next to a highway, etc.) just sold on the other side of the island for $30 mill. If Jill Eber and Jill Hertzberg keep pricing their properties for maximum headline grabbing potential (paging the Versace Mansion) they're going to start getting a reputation.

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