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Comment of the day

"It's so true, most modern Mediterranean Revival is pure Taco Bell schlock, or else the generic looking apartment buildings in Fort Lauderdale with a few arched windows, red clay tile roofing used as trim and a fake bell tower tossed into the mix. It is too bad, because when it is done well, it is beautiful, graceful, solid, warm, and fits well into the Florida landscape and climate. It would be great to see some young architects study the style; go to it's roots, and look at Roman, Greek, Italian and Spanish examples and bring the best of that out into beautiful new buildings. I think one reason why it is done so badly these days, is because the use of classical proportion and detail is rarely taught in Architectural Schools these days and few seem to even know the difference between the fake and the authentic interpretations."—Evji108 [Almeria Avenue Townhouse is a Classy New Build for $1.8M]