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Biscayne Green is a Big Step Toward Miami's Walkable Future

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The Atlantic's City Lab, which is headed by that part-time Miamian and full-time urbanist Richard Florida, raves about the Miami Downtown Development Authority's plan to turn the stretch of Biscayne Boulevard from SE 1st Street to NE 5th into a 'Biscayne Green', saying it's a huge step towards a walkable future for the city, even though it has its flaws.

One of the biggest issues that City Lab points out is the 150 space net-increase in parking, split between an underground garage and parallel parking spaces, which they say is likely an olive branch offering to worried local business: "By encouraging more people to drive to the area it threatens the very spirit of walkability the project hopes to embrace. A better plan might turn the street parking into a dedicated transit lane and push all the parking into an underground lot."

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