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Will Somebody, Anybody, Please Fund Tri-Rail Downtown

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Tri-Rail could come to Downtown Miami, an essential element of Miami and South Florida's transportation future, if somebody, anybody (come on, we're desperate here!) ponies up the cash to pay for Tri-Rail's portion of All Aboard Florida's Downtown Miami station. Funding has to be secured in less than a few months. This could be the portion of the MiamiCentral station plan that has the most impact to locals, giving fast and easy commuter rail entry to Downtown Miami, and serving as the jumping off point for Tri-Rail's expansion up the FEC rail tracks.

The State of Florida, the Florida Department of Transportation, the County, the Omni CRA, and All Aboard Florida are all helping out. AAF has even pledged to front the entire needed cost, as a loan, if it sees that other agencies are organizing to pay it back. But now it seems the Overtown CRA, an agency originally organized to fund public housing, could take the brunt of the hit, at $28 million. Still, that's far better than nothing, and the City of Miami is considering the plan (a plan Mayor Regalado is threatening to veto. Umm, yeah) at this Thursday's commission meeting.
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Future Fec Downtown Miami Station

200 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida