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Co-op Sells for $77.5M; Inside Flatiron's Future Tallest Tower

All the latest from Curbed NY...

1) The Recent Past: "The outer boroughs have changed so dramatically in the last decade that, to a considerable extent, the city I photographed no longer exists," photographer William Meyers said about his new exhibit at the New York Public Library, Outer Boroughs: New York Beyond Manhattan. The photos, some of which we've reprinted here, capture the Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, and Queens of the 1990s.

2) Upper East Side: It seems like this happens every couple months or so, but New York City has a new most expensive co-op ever, as a 14-room duplex at 834 Fifth Avenue just went for $77.5 million. The seller is New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and the buyer is Ukrainian billionaire Leonard Blavatnik.

3) Greenwich Village: This Downtown duplex may be cheap (by New York City standards) at $1.25 million, but it packs in a lot of fun features, including a cubby sleeping area, exposed beams, painted brick, skylights, and a bedroom fireplace, plus a dog house on the terrace.

4) Flatiron: We got a look inside the model units at 45 East 22nd Street, which, when it's completed, will be the tallest tower in the Flatiron District at 777 feet. The apartments will be classically inspired, with some modern elements included, of course.
· Curbed NY [ny.curbed]