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"The plan does need some amendments, but over all, it is a very solid initiative. It doesn't really matter what they put in-between the lanes of traffic as long as it is well landscaped and inviting (the attractions are already on both sides of Biscayne Boulevard) the most important factor is to make crossing Biscayne Boulevard a short and pleasant experience. By reducing the lanes of traffic, putting parking underground (which by the way is a fantastic idea and cost-to-benefit sound), traffic will be slow and non-life threatening; thus, people will feel invited to cross back and forth as they please and walkability will be effectively increased. A much different experience than today's run for your life dash pedestrians have to make in order to make it to the other side in one piece. Two lanes in each direction and a dedicated transit lane, everybody wins!"—MrDreTheOne [Biscayne Green is a Big Step Toward Miami's Walkable Future]