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The Star (Island) Destroyer House Has Been Defeated

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Sorry Star Wars fans/supervillian wannabes, it looks like the 'Star Destroyer' house may not be coming to Star Island after all, at least perhaps not in its originally intended form. Owner Shay Kostiner withdrew his application from the Miami Beach Design Review Board today to demolish the historic house (the home of one of Miami Beach's founding fathers) on the site to make room for the new place, and "wants to examine ways to save it." The Monterey style house, which is an actual style and not just a variation on Bond-villain chic, was built circa-1935 for John H. Levi, the man who brought Carl Fisher to Miami Beach and who led many of the dredging operations that turned mangroves into western Miami Beach. So, yes, you can blame him for all the flooding on West Avenue.

In other news, unsurprisingly, the DRB approved Stuart Miller's plan for 22 Star Island Drive. So, there you have two substantial wins, technically, for historic preservation. Not a bad day all around.

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