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'Resort Fees' Are an Insufferable Epidemic for Miami Hotels

It's not exactly news that typical hotel room guest rates in Miami and Miami Beach are sky high. So high, in fact, that the average rate is higher than anywhere else in the U.S., at $249/night, according to a report released by Bloomberg last year. Then there's the resort fee.

Here's the real kicker that is overlooked by almost anybody except the poor uninformed sap who got stuck with it. Additional resort fees, which are blamed on the need to provide towels at the pool, wifi access, and other amenities that should be included, are pervasive down here, says HotelChatter, with most around $20. Two hotels however, the Fisher Island Club and another on Fisher Island called the Paradise Luxury Suites, charge a whopping $100 fee for, well, bestowing its guests with towels as they swim in the pool of the plush (and flush) island enclave.
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