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Ricky Martin's Spectacularly Historic Former Home is $21M

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The old Wolfson Estate on North Bay Road, the former home of pop hottie Ricky Martin as well as the preeminent Miami Beach Wolfson family that owned the Wometco movie theater chain, built the Seaquarium, founded the Wolfsonian Museum, and produced a mayor of Miami Beach (Mitchell Wolfson Sr.) is now on the market for $21 million. Current Miami Beach commissioner Jonah Wolfson is of no relation. Listed by the Jills, the 8,697 square foot 6 bedroom house appears to have had some renovations and updates throughout the years, particularly to its bay-facing facade, but it retains practically all of its historic beauty and grandeur. Martin sold the place to its current owners for $10.6 million.

Described extensively in the book Miami Beach: Blueprint of an Eden by Mitchell Wolfson Jr. and Michelle Oka Doner, the house was originally built for the Bohn family of Detroit of Bohn Bronze & Brass fortune, for whom "significant bronze detailing and decorative metalwork was installed throughout". Some of that bronze work, including the front drive and loggia gates, are gone, but other elements, like the stair rail and exterior lanterns, still remain. It was completed in 1937 by architects Carlos Schoeppl and George Maguelo.

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