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The Country's Largest Mall Could Be Coming to Miami

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Added to the laundry list of malls under construction, about to go under construction, or in major expansions (Brickell City, Miami Worldcenter, Aventura Mall, the Design District, etc. etc.) is the biggest, most ridiculous one of all. The Miami Herald reports that the owners of the Mall of America are bringing what will likely be the largest mall in the country, perhaps the world, to western Miami Dade. With a current working title of American Dream Miami, the $4 billion shopping center would be built on mostly farmland that's currently within the Urban Development Boundary. A glossy pictorial obtained by the Miami Herald shows a theme park, miniature golf, artificial ski slope, mini-Legoland, water park, lake with submarine rides, skating rink, and an "art deco village" in this air conditioned play land. Hey, if you're going to get all the tourists to truck out to Miami Lakes, it's probably a good idea to give 'em a little art deco just to remind them what they're missing.

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