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The Bacardi Building's Jewel Box Annex is Even More So, Inside

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When the Bacardi Rum Company needed to build an expansion to their Biscayne Boulevard headquarters, originally designed by Enrique Gutierrez in 1963, they hired architect Ignacio Cabrera-Justiz to design an annex building that would be constructed in the plaza behind the original building in 1974. That building became known as the 'jewel box' because its exterior was a square completely sheathed in multicolored stained glass. The interior, even though it would become cluttered with office bric-a-brac, was even more jewel like. The stunning interior would be revealed when YoungArts purchased the structure a few years ago and cleaned the inside out, exposing a modernist space flooded with rainbow-like light. These pictures were taken soon after that happened, so please excuse the fuzzy iPhone 4S pics. But isn't it gorgeous?

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Bacardi Building

2100 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL