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Thomas Juul-Hansen, a New York Society Architect and a Socialist, Designed the Luxurious Three Hundred Collins

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Thomas Juul-Hansen seemed to be in a good enough mood, but he looked a little bit marooned at sea at the launch party for Three Hundred Collins, claiming to "never go to these things except when it's my own project and I have to", his first building in Miami. An architect to New York's aristocracy, including units at famed One57, and buildings adjacent to the High Line, Mr. Juul-Hansen is a socialist. That's socialist, not socialite. Which probably makes already gross lines on Three Hundred Collins' website like "generous amenity aren't simply what the luxury buyer has come to expect, but what they deserve" absolutely cringe worthy for him. Nevertheless, the building's understated, refined, and absolutely gorgeous. Yes it does have generous amenities for a building its size. A pool, doorman, garden, fancy lobby, etc. The materials are beautiful. The 19 units start at $1.2 million.

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