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OMFG, David Martin Bought Ca' Ziff, and Must be More Eclectic Than He Lets On

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David Martin just bought Ca' Ziff for $14 million. We're just going to let that sink in for a minute so everyone who knows who David Martin is and what Ca' Ziff is can calm down for a bit. The Daily Business Review first reported, as a serious story and not an April Fools Day joke, that Martin, the developer of high-design buildings such as Grove at Grand Bay and the unnamed building that's replacing the Biltmore Terrace Hotel, has purchased the rather eclectic former home of Sanford L. Ziff, the founder of Sunglass Hut. Martin wears black suits, with a tie, everywhere, works hard during the day, has a gorgeous wife, just had a kid, is often seen at black tie galas around town, and generally lives what appears to be a very charmed but seemingly 'normal' life. Maybe Ca' Ziff, which looks like a Magritte painting made love to a Venetian water park (more about it here), fits in better with the aspects of Martin's life that Curbed doesn't know about, or maybe he's just a little weirder and more interesting than we thought.

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Ca' Ziff

2999 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida