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Paraiso's Fourth Tower, Also by Piero Lissoni, Set for Launch

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The Related Group's fourth (and final?) tower at the Paraiso megaproject in Edgewater, Gran Paraiso, is set to launch soon, and Related is dropping hints with a video about a fancy lunch they had with some of the minor celebrities who have already bought in the other Paraiso buildings as well as celebrity chef Michael Schwartz, who is creating the restaurant in the Paraiso 'Beach Club.'

The 55 story Gran Paraiso is going in the position of 'Tower 2' of the original two towers of Paraiso Bay, meaning its the southernmost one adjacent to that big round pool, and directly facing the beach club and the bay. The video, which is such a little stunt on the part of Related, says nothing about the building itself except that it's being designed (or at least its interiors are being designed) by Piero Lissoni, who is also doing the nearby One Paraiso. The website ( has not gone live yet.
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